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This Awesome MEME About Dr. Ben Carson is Going VIRAL!

Dr. Ben Carson is a conservative hero and leading candidate for the Republican presidential nomination. He’s also a threat to the entire political establishment, as he is a tea party supporter and Christian who happens to be black.

In addition, the left hates him because they could never argue he’s stupid. Not only did Dr. Ben Carson score off-the-charts as a poor student growing up in Detroit, but he grew up to become a world-class neurosurgeon. This man is, quite literally, a genius.

But liberals at Politico put together a hit piece on him last week. Since then, the media has been picking away at Dr. Carson’s biography – piece-by-piece – trying to destroy him.

But they never did this with Obama!

First posted on Reddit’s conservative forums, this meme has been seen by millions of people today on Facebook.

That is perfect! Let this remind us of the HUGE double standard of the media today. Dr. Carson deserves our support, especially now that he is under attack.

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