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tucker carlson hoax

People have been talking about the group “Demand Protest,” which is the group purporting to be behind ads posted on the internet promising left-wing protesters thousands of dollars to protest. […]

Fort Lauderdale shooter

New details have emerged regarding the investigation of Fort Lauderdale shooter Esteban Santiago that could help shed light on what motivated him to slaughter multiple individuals at an airport earlier […]

trump air force one

While Barack Obama is set to close out his presidency with over $100 million in vacation expenses, Donald Trump has already proven that he’s not going to be so careless […]

obama chicago cubs

In his final (THANK GOD) hours of holding the presidency, Barack Obama welcomed the World Champion Chicago Cubs to the White House, and in the process hit a home run […]

trump lincoln bible

President-elect Donald Trump will be sworn in on Inauguration Day with his hand on the Bible once used by Republican President Abraham Lincoln, the man who freed slaves through the Emancipation […]

john lewis george bush

Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) has been a civil rights activist his entire life. Once regarded as a hero, he seems to have become a partisan hack. He earned headlines all […]

obama israel UN vote

In President Barack Obama’s final television interview, he admits to CBS’s 60 Minutes that it was his decision to have America abstain from voting on the anti-Israel resolution in the […]

toby keith trump

Country music sensation Toby Keith – known for such patriotic songs as “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue” that feature tough lyrics like “we’ll put a boot in your […]

orlando terror

Somehow, in an unfathomable display of incompetence, President Obama’s FBI lost track of the wife of terrorist Omar Mateen months ago, a potential accomplice in the Pulse nightclub shooting that […]

Trump inauguration

An extreme leftist group calling itself #DisruptJ20, which stands for disrupt January 20th, is going to try to stop President Donald Trump’s inauguration. The group is planning to “do everything we […]

Shocking. Out-of-touch lefty celebrities are embarrassing themselves again with their anti-Trump protests. A new YouTube video features multiple Hollywood actors performing the iconic 70’s breakup song “I Will Survive” by […]

Obama’s biggest disappointment, the biggest item left off his presidential wish list, is an issue that had he succeeded would have made Martin Luther King Jr. a little uneasy. Gun […]