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michelle obama coin

Days before President Barack Obama exits the White House, the United States Mint announced the new $100 commemorative gold coin. It’s 24-Karat gold, and the photo shows an African-American woman […]

mike rowe gun control

Mike Rowe is one of the most popular celebrities on television, with his shows Dirty Jobs and Somebody’s Gotta Do It – highlighting real-life Americans doing the tough jobs that make […]

Fort Lauderdale shooter

New details have emerged regarding the investigation of Fort Lauderdale shooter Esteban Santiago that could help shed light on what motivated him to slaughter multiple individuals at an airport earlier […]

obama fine art

Did anyone notice Obama’s boxes? We did. While soon-to-be former President Barack Obama packs up and leaves the White House, he’s transitioning into Kalorama, an upscale neighborhood of Washington, D.C. […]

orlando terror

Somehow, in an unfathomable display of incompetence, President Obama’s FBI lost track of the wife of terrorist Omar Mateen months ago, a potential accomplice in the Pulse nightclub shooting that […]

Shocking. Out-of-touch lefty celebrities are embarrassing themselves again with their anti-Trump protests. A new YouTube video features multiple Hollywood actors performing the iconic 70’s breakup song “I Will Survive” by […]


Netflix is almost as popular as traditional TV.  It has moved from a mail-order DVD service to practically being its own network with its own TV shows, documentaries, and movies. […]

K9 Dog Armor

You never know what’s in store for police dogs when they are out there working in the field with their partners. K-9 police units across America should read this article, and […]

company cruise

When you think of a good employer who treats his employees with the utmost respect and dignity, you end up with employees who make sure they do their very best for this […]

college couch

Imagine you and your friends decide to purchase a couch for your new apartment to make it comfy. You decide you want to skip the furniture stores and head for […]

family rescue

Karen Klein is a hero. I am not using that word loosely… I mean it in every sense. Karen and her family were stranded in the snow after their car’s […]

megyn kelly ratings

Former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly made a dramatic exit from the popular channel, and will now continue her television career at liberal NBC. She made the move after the right-of-center […]