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michelle obama attractive

Just days before leaving the White House, a video of Michelle Obama is going viral which reminds us just how arrogant our soon-to-be-former First Lady has been for 8 years. […]

Men vs Women Jokes

There are plenty of “men vs. women jokes” out there on the Internet. These are funny because they’re clever and quick one-liners that you can break out anytime at a […]

toby keith trump

Country music sensation Toby Keith – known for such patriotic songs as “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue” that feature tough lyrics like “we’ll put a boot in your […]

Military Jokes

Our men and women in uniform are our bravest. They go into harm’s way to protect us and protect our freedoms. But that doesn’t mean they don’t have a great […]

Barnum & Bailey

Barnum & Bailey Ringling Brother Circus, also known as the “The Greatest Show on Earth” has been struggling in the past few years. Changing cultural tastes and an increase of […]


You can always count on kids to be honest, often to a fault. This is what this kid thought a sermon was “worth.” This is hilarious! Did you talk about […]


Netflix is almost as popular as traditional TV.  It has moved from a mail-order DVD service to practically being its own network with its own TV shows, documentaries, and movies. […]

NFL Christmas Gift

The National Football League should be proud of Delanie Walker and the work he’s doing for his community. His charity meets with young kids and works with them to show them […]

cancer free pizza

What would you do if you want to years worth a pizza at a local establishment? A young man named Josh Katrick, who was diagnosed with colon cancer, was chosen […]

elderly couple dancing

Music has always brought people together, especially in relationships. Just when you think older couples have lost their spark, you see videos where you would think they were recreating Saturday Night […]

Family homecoming

This Christmas, I decided I was going to surprise my 91-year-old mom by taking her granddaughters to see her. My mom loves surprises, and it’s been a while since we […]

skateboard heroes

Stories like this do not happen every day, but this is one of those stories that needs to be shared. A young girl has penned a letter to her heroes […]