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This Cartoon PERFECTLY Shows Why Schools Stopped Teaching Cursive

We all learned cursive in school. But now, liberals who run public education are getting rid of it.

Perhaps THIS is why cursive is no longer being taught!


Handwriting, which (of course) isn’t included in Federal Common Core standards, is being removed from schools, which hurts our children:

If so many parents feel that good penmanship and learning cursive are important to a person’s development, why are our schools doing away with it? Hillsdale College did an online course entitled, “A Proper Understanding of K-12 Education: Theory and Practice” which featured associate professor of education Daniel Coupland explaining that today’s technology is a definite culprit. He said:

“I understand the argument that we are moving much more in a technological direction and we are using handheld devices and computers in order to express those ideas, but I am concerned about the loss of other things connected with handwriting…even of the development of the motor skills that kids develop by actually holding a pencil and actually being able to write. In addition to that, I think it’s a great learning tool as well, in that if you have to form the letters with your hands…because there’s some kind of connection with using your hands to form those letters. It cements it in your mind a lot better. I understand that we’re moving in a particular direction in terms of technology but I mourn the loss of those things if we move completely away from it.”

Do you support handwriting being taught in schools?

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