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Walter White

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trump spending cuts

Towards the end of the 2016 campaign, President-elect Donald J. Trump pledged that if elected, he would aggressively “drain the swamp” that is Washington, D.C. Now that Trump will officially […]

trump agriculture pick

With President-elect Donald J. Trump officially set to take the oath of office on Friday, the incoming president has finally made a nomination to fill the last spot in his […]

trump executive orders first day

In approximately 24-hours, Donald J. Trump will be sworn in as America’s 45th president. Since he initially announced his candidacy in 2015, President-elect Trump has laid out a bold vision […]

Fox News

There is little doubt that the majority of America’s media is liberal, with few outlets available to conservatives outside of Fox News and talk radio. The media’s bias was on […]

Sam Moore

President-elect Donald J. Trump has stressed that he wants his inauguration to be a celebration for the American people, not Hollywood elites and their liberal allies. While the vast majority […]

George H.W. Bush

Earlier this morning we reported that former President George H.W. Bush had been admitted to a Houston, Texas hospital after complaining of shortness of breath. Now, we have learned that […]

keep america great

During the 2016 election, President-elect Donald J. Trump’s campaign slogan was “Make America Great Again” and it took off like wildfire across the country. “Make America Great Again” is a simple slogan […]

massachusetts sheriff illegal immigrants

Throughout the 2016 election, President-elect Donald J. Trump made illegal immigration one of the pivotal issues of his grassroots campaign. He promised to build a wall along the Mexican border […]

mike rowe gun control

Mike Rowe is one of the most popular celebrities on television, with his shows Dirty Jobs and Somebody’s Gotta Do It – highlighting real-life Americans doing the tough jobs that make […]

George HW Bush

We have just learned over the last several hours that former President George H.W. Bush was rushed to the hospital last night. Bush, who is 92 years old, was taken […]

Fort Lauderdale shooter

New details have emerged regarding the investigation of Fort Lauderdale shooter Esteban Santiago that could help shed light on what motivated him to slaughter multiple individuals at an airport earlier […]

Never Trump

Throughout the 2016 election, a group of establishment Republicans made it their mission to sabotage Donald J. Trump’s presidential candidacy in every way possible. These individuals were known as the […]