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El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.


trump nato

Retired Colonel Ralph Peters is a pretty reliable conservative, which is why he couldn’t hold back when criticizing the shocking statement by Donald Trump that he would reconsider helping our […]

ben carson

The inimitable Dr. Ben Carson continues his unrelenting string of gobsmacking comments and further solidifies his unchallenged title as “the worst campaign surrogate ever”!! Here’s what the otherwise brilliant doctor […]

ivanka trump

Ivanka Trump had a great week – she rocked her speech at the Republican Convention. But the media still shows their obvious bias against her just because she defends her […]

roger stone

In one of the weirdest events to come out of the Republican convention, Trump’s adviser and former Nixon and Reagan operative Roger Stone and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones crashed a liberal talk […]

ted cruz trump

Ted Crud stood up at the convention and told people to vote their consciences, and to vote for politicians that supported the Constitution, and everyone went insane because they knew […]

hillary meme

We’ve all seen the videos of countless Hillary supporters, including politicians, who have NO idea why they’re voting for Hillary Clinton. Some of them actually admit that they’re doing it just […]

trump nato

In a pretty startling admission from The Donald to the New York Times, Trump said that he would change our decades old agreement with NATO and not defend our allies […]

military poll trump

Trump’s got some good news in a poll of active military members. According to Military Times, The Donald TROUNCES Hillary. But that’s not the end of the story… it’s not […]

VP kasich

As the Republican National Convention continues in Cleveland, more and more revelations continue to leak from the Trump campaign like the Titanic taking on water! The latest leak reveals that […]

bikers baton rouge

Earlier this week, three more police officers were killed in the ongoing War on Cops in the Louisiana city. Hundreds of people gathered all around the city to show their […]

lewandowski trump

Trump campaign insiders revealed anonymously at Politico that they were annoyed by the efforts of a former staffer to SABOTAGE the presidential campaign. That may not be a huge surprise given how […]

melania trump plagiarism

After a full day of the entire media focusing on a laser beam on Melania Trump and her plagiarizing of Michelle Obama’s speech, it’s been who revealed who was at […]