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El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.


hillary clinton benghazi victims 01

In an outrageous statement put out by Hillary Clinton today, she responded to a new report released today about the Benghazi scandal. First she whined that anyone would dare investigate […]


Obama continues to push social experimentation on the military – here’s the latest word that is so offensive to precious snowflakes that it needs to be excised from our lexicon: […]

daily show tweet

Pro-life forces were dealt a severe blow yesterday when the Supreme Court ruled against Texas in a decision that made it easier to get abortions. But even liberals who love […]

trump poll

Even though Trump is getting a great majority of support from Republicans, a new poll says that they would actually prefer someone else!! And it’s not a small portion of […]

trump convention

Trump’s last competitors to leave the primary race don’t seem terribly animated to endorse him, but Trump is now saying if they don’t, they’re gonna face some consequences!! From The […]

trump convention

If you thought this year’s convention was going to be a big party, you might be surprised to find out that it might be a little lonely!! That’s because a […]

charlie rangel gun control

If you had to find the worst person in Congress, you’d be hard-pressed to find one much worse than top Democrat Charlie Rangel. He exposed the dangerous, socialist mindset behind […]

cecilia vasquez

This Democrat has to win for the “most hypocritical politician award” this year over what she did as a state representative in Arizona!! According to authorities, Cecilia Vasquez voted against new […]

trump brexit

Donald Trump pulled one of his trademark branding moves on one of the most historically important events of this decade, and the panel at MSNBC just freaked out when he did […]

hearing aide

If you’ve had a tough week and you need a story to cheer you up, I have the perfect one!! This is a video of 2-year-old Kaiden, and it’s going […]

ben carson

Ben Carson has been one of the less effective surrogates for Donald Trump, since he continues to appear to shove his foot into his own mouth repeatedly. In this latest […]


England has absolutely shocked the world with a historic vote that has them leaving the European Union – no country has ever left the EU since it began. From NBC: […]