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El Sooper is an anonymous blogger who has broken many national stories and battled the mainstream liberal lapdog pendejo media with his Mexican wrestling blogger moves.



The first debate is in the history books and people are now battling it out to claim who won. But there’s at least one way in which Trump always beats […]

obama veto

For the very first time since Obama has been in office, Congress is headed towards overriding his veto after the Senate shot him down in an overwhelming vote!! Obama vetoed […]

alicia machado

Hillary Clinton completely broadsided Trump at the closing minutes of the debate with an attack that no one had seen before – it centered around a former Miss Universe that […]

lester holt

The debate between Hillary and Trump is over, but now comes the even more brutal and vicious debate between Trump supporters and Hillary supporters over who won!!! And while people attack Lester […]

charlotte shooting

The “Black Lives Matter” proponents who mindlessly believe that every black person shot by a cop is an innocent saint are going to be severely disappointed if they allow facts […]

obama iran

Barack Obama has condescendingly defended how he’s been showering the terrorist-supporting nation of Iran with cash like a drunken sailor at a strip bar, but he isn’t done yet!! According […]

Colin Kaepernick

Fans sure have gotten creative in expressing how much they hate Colin Kaepernick for politicizing football and bringing the “Black Lives Matter” narrative into sports. Some are burning his jersey […]

Hillary State Department

Liberals are absolutely stunned that Trump has been able to claw his way out of a ten point deficit in the polls just in time to attack Hillary Clinton at […]

beyonce meme

Pop star Beyonce is constantly being praised by a fawning press that showers adulations on her, but they just show how hypocritical liberals are when announcing her great wealth. That’s because […]

mike ditka

There have been a lot of strong opinions about the recent protests of the national anthem, led by Black Lives Matter supporter Colin Kaepernick, but there have been few as strong […]

walmart cake

Yet another controversy has bubbled up around cakes. A career police officer just wanted a nice cake for his retirement party… but a Georgia Walmart refused the order because they considered […]

hillary rally

Trump supporters are having a really hard time believing the polls when they look at the rallies for Trump and see tens of thousands show up, and compare to Hillary, […]