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Mike Flynn, former editor of Breitbart.com and a former Congressional candidate in Illinois, has passed away due to a heart attack. As Dan Riehl reports: Mike was well known and […]


Rep. Trey Gowdy (S-RC) is a conservative hero and former prosecutor. And when he saw Democrats in the House of Representatives throw a temper tantrum about gun legislation this week, […]

Obama Islam

President Barack Obama is a former Constitutional law professor who went to some of the best schools in America. So if he is so well-educated, why can’t he use the […]


Donald Rumsfeld is a former two-time Secretary of Defense (for President Ford and Bush), and has announced that conservative businessman and GOP presidential nominee is “absolutely right” about Islamic terrorism. […]


The 2016 Presidential campaign will be one for the history books. We have Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most corrupt politician in American history facing off against conservative businessman Donald Trump, […]

Democrat sit-in

Democrats have ended their outrageous 25-hour long “sit-in”, where they pretended to be indigent about Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) refusing to hold a vote on an anti-gun bill. Their temper […]

Muslim Reporter

This is the “new Europe.” Throughout Europe, women are suffering due to Muslim “refugees” flooding into their countries. This problem was captured on live television (below) in Germany, as Muslims […]


Democrat Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA) resigned for Congress today, due to being found guilty of corruption. A Superdelegate for Hillary Clinton, Fattah has been found guilty on numerous charges involving […]


While President Barack Obama is busy repealing our 2nd Amendment freedoms and Democrats in Congress are sitting on the floor of the House, the Islamic State (ISIS) is ready to […]

trump fundraising

Liberals and the mainstream media have attacked conservative businessman and GOP presidential nominee Donald J. Trump for the low fundraising numbers his campaign reported. After defeating 16 high-profile opponents, Trump […]

supreme court amnesty

The Supreme Court is split 4-4 on President Barack Obama’s illegal executive actions on amnesty, which puts an end to the program officially! This is a massive defeat for the […]

germany shooting

An armed man has opened fire inside a movie theater. The deadly scene is taking place in Mannheim, which is in Western Germany. As of now, emergency services have responded […]